Take the administrative burden of Short Term Rentals off your Building Management Team.

Rentals Dashboard
Agent Portal
Online Guest Registration
Front Desk App
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Rentals Dashboard

  • Live view of all bookings in your building.
  • View Daily Arrivals & Departures.
  • Emergency contact details of the agent responsible for each unit/booking.
  • View all complaints against each unit or in the building as a whole.
  • Easily view Short Term Rental traffic in your Building.
  • Automated Monthly Short Term Rentals Reports.
  • Schedule automatic daily/weekly mails detailing arrivals & departures.

Agent Portal

Agents manage only the units they're responsible for.

    • Allows Agents to sync their calendars to SuperSight & pulls through all bookings for each unit.
    • A Guest Registration form is generated for each guest.
    • Agents are automatically reminded to follow up with unregistered guests
    • Notify agents of complaints against their guests in real-time
    • Extensions, cancellations and last minute bookings update immediately
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    Online Guest Registration

    Say goodbye to paper-based forms.

    • Digital guest registraion forms.
    • Make sure all guests agree to your Conduct Rules before prior to arrival.
    • Ensure guests are aware of the buildings checkin requirements & procedures.
    • SuperSight automatically issues the guest with a QR code for entry after registration.
    • Flag Banned guests before they arrive at your building.

    Front Desk App

    View Arrivals/Departures, verify guests identification, Report Complaints.

      • Give your Front Desk/Security Staff oversight of who’s checking in/out each day
      • Agent Contact information for each booking, allowing them to direct the guests to the people responsible for each arrival
      • Report Issues, notify Building Management & the Agent Responsible in Real-Time
      • User Friendly interface.
      • Available for any Android or IOS device.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Ask us anything

      Do you offer support?

      • Flexible support options – web, email, phone and chat.
      • Support during standard business hours (Monday to Friday 8am–5pm).
      • A skilled, well-trained team of Tier 1 and Tier 2 support professionals.
      • The ability to submit an unlimited number of support tickets, at no additional cost.

      Can we link to or share information with on-premise systems?

      Absolutely! We are integrated with certain on-premise systems; for new integrations, a development fee will be charged. Please contact us for more information.

      What contract options are available?

      30 Day Cancellation/1 Year (with annual discount applied).

      How long does the initial setup take?

      Initial setup will be completed within 24 hours of your order, after which we’ll provide your login details & offer 3 free training sesions.