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Building Management in one place not all over the place.

Take control of rentals and maintenance in your Building/Estate.

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Rental Management

Take Control of Your Short Term Rentals

Rentals Dashboard
Agent Portal
Online Registration
Front Desk App

Maintenance Management

SuperSight acts as a central hub for all your maintenance tasks,

Issue Reporting
Rental Task Management
Preventative Maintenance
Dashboard & Reporting
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SuperSight takes the administrative burden of Short Term Rentals off your Building Management Team.

    • We collect building-specific guest details (ie. full names/contact details/IDs/Passports) for each booking and provide you with a real-time view of who’s occupying your Building or Estate at any time.
    • SuperSights’s Agent Portal syncs bookings from all major platforms directly & generates a registration form for each booking.
    • Our live booking sync ensures that Building Management stays up to date.
    • Up-to-date contact details of the person responsible for each apartment.
    • Automatic reminders to Agents when guest information isn’t supplied.
    • Last-minute booking alerts.
    • Extensions/cancellations are automatically updated.
    • Automated daily/weekly/monthly booking reports.


    With SuperSight, Maintenance tasks can’t be swept under the rug.

      • Our Tasking feature allows you to track the progress of your team, comment & follow issues all in one place.
      • With SuperSight as your Task Manager, it’ll be easy to stay on top of everything & make sure everyone on your Team is on the same page.
      • With SuperSight’s automated reports you’ll always have up-to-date oversight of all of the tasks in your Building.
      • Our Maintenance Dashboard gives a high-level overview of what everyone is doing. At a glance you can see the stats for each of your Teammates:
        • Issues reported.
        • Tasks in progress/completed.
        • Checklists completed.
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